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How do you get that lonely?
If Tomorrow Should Start With Out Me!!
some kool quotes these are my favorites
To My Baby ...Love you Corey
A lil' about the Angel
HI Friends *waves*
My friends web sites
Holla @ me
Some Pics Of My Family
HAHA... Pics of my nutty friends
Creative Me!!!!!

Here are some pictures of my family&of my pets.


This is my mom Rebecca she is the best, i think the only reason my friends come over to my house is to spend time with my mom and see what she will do next that is stupid. you know those stupid blonde moments she has alot of them.

my family
i live with.

This is my family . ( my step dad in the green shirt , my mom in the back ground, and my little brother is the short one wearing his tighty whitys) lol

My Puppy

This is my puppy luke . lol he is soo.. cute !!!

Aunt Jerri
And Buffy

This is a picture of my Aunt Jerri and my other dog Buffy.

If anyone else in my family has a web site, I might include a link to it here.

Angel Of Depression