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How do you get that lonely?
If Tomorrow Should Start With Out Me!!
some kool quotes these are my favorites
To My Baby ...Love you Corey
A lil' about the Angel
HI Friends *waves*
My friends web sites
Holla @ me
Some Pics Of My Family
HAHA... Pics of my nutty friends
Creative Me!!!!!

HAHA the good part of my site . pics of my friends but this is not even half of them i wish i could get more on here but i will have to do that some other time .


Okay this is me lol.. i know its a black and white pic but every one likes it and its the one that corey likes the most and his vote counts the most lol.. you gotta love him lol hope ya like it .


haha.... okay this is my good friend Loni i have known her for a long time lol she is the one that helps me annoy people. She is really good at it . people think i have problems on thinking of stuff to talk about well i ain't got anything on Loni lol


HAHA.... this is Landon he is my buddy . i have known him a long time too i remember him when he was in the third grade we have grown up together he is a year or two younger than me  but he's one kool dued and funny as hell he will do about anything you ask him to do as long as he might get in trouble for it lol if he can get in trouble for it he will try it lol .

And Jess

THis is a picture of two of my other two good friends Jacob and Jessica. i have known jess since wow.... lol preschool and Jacob i have known for three years now .

If any of my friends have their own web sites, I might include links to them here.

Angel Of Depression