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How do you get that lonely?
If Tomorrow Should Start With Out Me!!
some kool quotes these are my favorites
To My Baby ...Love you Corey
A lil' about the Angel
HI Friends *waves*
My friends web sites
Holla @ me
Some Pics Of My Family
HAHA... Pics of my nutty friends
Creative Me!!!!!

For right now i am just gonna put a pic on here that i got from the net that i love . Maybe later i will put some of my drawings and stuff on here quotes and pics and you know the good stuff but for right now you will have to deal with the pic. this is the pic that I love soo... much lol it is cute and it is a favorite sayin of mine my friends have this thing at school where we go up behind someone and poke them on the side lol.

Poke me
I dare you....

Angel Of Depression