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How do you get that lonely?
If Tomorrow Should Start With Out Me!!
some kool quotes these are my favorites
To My Baby ...Love you Corey
A lil' about the Angel
HI Friends *waves*
My friends web sites
Holla @ me
Some Pics Of My Family
HAHA... Pics of my nutty friends
Creative Me!!!!!
You know who you are, but I'll throw you on here anyway. If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you shouldn't be here looking!

this is a page just to say hi to my friends and let you know who they are..*waves* hi friends


Loni Eads!!!!!!!!!!!!
AKA. DoodleBug lol this is my friends loni she is a nut i have known her since the 3rd grade we are very close and i hope we will always be best friends.
yea if you want to see a real pic of loni she is on my online photo album it is

Corey Collins
Okay this space goes to my friend Corey . He is the best . his family is really nice too... its funny me and his sister have th same name lol (kayla)and his friend jorge is really kool too he is funny . love you corey!!



My mommy .A.k.A Becka or Becky
this space is for my mom she is the best in the world i know this is for shout out to my friends but i think my mom is my bestest friend that i have. love you .

Angel Of Depression